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Silent Tears

The hardest part of abuse

isn’t the getting through it

or climbing your way back

out of a dirt filled hole

until you find the sun again,

the hardest part of abuse

is the invisibility of the damage,

that even years after you’ve escaped,

after you’ve healed,

after you’re no longer a shell of a person,

after you’ve opened yourself up again

to loving another human,

after you’ve accepted it

and can freely talk about the atrocities

of how someone preyed upon you like a wild animal,

you discover that no matter how strong you are

or how much you’ve learned

or how easily you smile again,

the scars remain.

The anxiety of the hunt

has imprinted inside your skull,

a tattoo seeping fear into your bloodstream,

no matter how safe or good or joy filled

you’ve grown.

The hardest part of abuse

is that no one else knows any of this.

–Leanne Rebecca

I haven’t written anything in awhile and I think it’s because I’ve been trying to find a way to get these thoughts out, but didn’t know the words.


Poetry and music.

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