Josh Dun Poetry Corner

The Josh Dun Poetry Corner features poetry inspired by Josh Dun, the drummer from twenty one pilots. Find the archives below. 

Josh Dun goal

Indebted,” published 12/29/13

Failing in Love,” published 12/22/13

Transformation,” published 12/15/13

In the Name of Honesty,” published 12/9/13

Connecting,” published 12/1/13

The Great Ones,” published 11/24/13

The Click,” published 11/17/13

Passed Down,” published 11/10/13

Take My Hand,” published 11/3/13

The Music,” published 10/27/13

Trying on Clothes,” published 10/20/13

Walls,” published 10/13/13

Let’s Discuss,” published 10/6/13

Selfless,” published 9/29/13

Playground,” published 9/22/12

Can’t Quite Anticipate,” published 9/15/13

Again and Again,” published 9/8/13

Beautiful Words, Leanne,” published 9/1/13

Serenity,” published 8/25/13

Lose Yourself,” published 8/18/13

To Observe,” published 8/11/13

Seeing Energy,” published 8/4/13

Altered Course,” published 7/28/13

A View From a Friend,” published 7/21/13

Stuck on Repeat,” published 7/14/13

Future,” published 7/7/13

Explanations,” published 6/30/13

Inspiration,” published 6/24/13

All the Men,” published 6/16/13

Strange Strangers,” published 6/9/13

Named,” published 6/2/13

Hats,” published 5/26/13

To You I Dance,” published 5/19/13

They Can Thank My Mom,” published 5/12/13

Wouldn’t You Want to Know,”  published 5/5/13

You,”  published 4/28/13

Happenstance,”  published 4/14/13

Pulse,”  published 4/12/13

Beats,”  published 4/11/13

If there’s anything I’ve learned in this life, it’s that if you meet the drummer from your favorite band, dedicate one day a week to writing him poetry.

Josh Dun in sweatshirt

twenty one pilots airborn

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