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I need to write this letter that I’ll never send

to get all my thoughts out of my head

and for you to understand

that am not ok with how you left it.

You severed my reached out hand

with words left unsaid,

which hurt just as much as a deliberate hit,

bruising my cheeks with streaks of red.

You left,

vanishing with no regrets,

as sudden as if you were dead,

and yet here I stand,

hoping to see your ghost again.

I know my heart will mend,

a new man will take my reached out hand

and care for these thoughts in my head.

He’ll understand

that honesty is a gift

that tempers the madness of the broken hearted.


I felt like the discard pile,

like you were playing cards

striving only for the better hand,

throwing away the rejects

with a smug grin and satisfaction for the win,

apathetic that I am a person.


The memory of you

is like static on a TV,

as dynamic as a blank screen

with the drone of garbled electricity.

What once filled my imaginings

with vivid scenes of dancing

and cheesy chemistry

was demeaned

the day you vanished without telling me,

an unexplained severing

I call nothing short of cowardly.

–Leanne Rebecca

I don’t often post more than one poem in a post, but I needed to get these out. Time to heal and get on with the weekend!


Poetry and music.

5 thoughts on “Ghosted

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that and thanks for sharing that with me. Dating is so tough, especially when questions go unanswered. I sympathize!!!!!!! Stay strong and it will get better. Just be kind to yourself in the meantime.

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