Featured on She’s in Prison:

Heart Week

Twenty One Pilots Titled Poetry

Josh Dun Poetry Corner

Other Writings by Leanne Rebecca:

“Splatter,” published in Hirschworth

“Friendship,” published in The Vehicle

“Support,” published on Poetry Atlas

“Bound in a Corset,” “Disaster,” and “Pills,” published in FIVE Poetry Magazine 

“Monday Night Coffee,” “Alone,” “Liquid,” “Eating My Feelings,” “In the Parking Lot,” “Obsessive Obsessive Disorder,” and “Opaque Windows” published in Pastiche Magazine

“Gravity,” published in EWR: Every Day Poetry

“Black Veil Bridges,” published in Contraposition 

Guest Posts:

Lori Ortbals

Nathan Mizrachi

Lauren Laperriere

E.G. Wander

Topaz Winters

Kelsey Guire

Devon Broadhurst

Matthew J. Hall

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