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At Night


The 2 AM heart

lingers a little more

on each beat

so that the in-between

silences feel all the heavier,

the pulse crawling with the time

in contrast to the mind

cycling through imaginary conversations

like a wind turbine,

the body and the spirit out of sync

in the darkness of wasted sleep.

          –Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

One thought on “At Night

  1. Your poems are originally thought out. The words seem to flow from mind to page. Methinks they will age well. No need to sell. Only bring forth what is initiated from the ether to spoken word. The universe is listening. And has heard. As assuredly as the sounds of the morning cooing birds. Dear readers can intake and partake, meld and mold, store to drink more, savor as they build up their own hearty holistic well. Utilized to fortify the mind. Sharpening the ability to recognize the tell.

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