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Introspection  When nighttime cries behind your eyes and shadows chase the moon across the hollow sky, I find a tree and walk a limb and listen to the fear inside, tomorrow’s death and yesterday’s hush, the dust of the past  the blush of desire,  close my hand around this heart on fire, the pulsating rush of creative expression, and let the rise of passion consume my soul in sanity’s demise, an obsession of unpredictable intention begging the question do I trust myself enough to fly?  —Leanne Rebecca

Do you trust yourself?

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Flicker  This candle will burn until the wax evaporates.  I empty the wine in this glass, catch what’s left of me in its wake before the flame desiccates.  I will write by the flicker of this light until the fire dies as intoxication spreads like smoke  through my blood, the energy of blushed cheeks burning in need to capture the story of this moment before it’s too late to remember.   —Leanne Rebecca

Honestly, I didn’t plan on writing today, but I lit a candle on my bedside table and couldn’t help myself. This one’s different, pointless almost, just a moment of life scribed with a glass of wine.

Good night.

–Leanne Rebecca

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TrappedI’ve admired the work of Kina Grannis for awhile now. I love the edge of her voice and let’s be honest, she’s totally gorgeous. Today’s poem is inspired by Kina’s new song “The Fire” from her upcoming album Elements. I’m stoked to hear more of her original music and of course see what new poems she inspires me to write. But until the release of the album, I implore you to check out some of her covers on YouTube and give a listen to “The Fire” as well.

As always, thank you for stopping by. I hope your weekend was magical! Come by next Sunday for more musically inspired poetry or drop by and say hi during the weekdays and on Twitter too.