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Protect the Heart

Protect the Heart  The natural cage makes sense, a rigid encasing to guard  the soft tissue underneath— supposed to ward off destruction, to support the breathing underneath so we can stand tall, heeding the strength of construction— our innate barrier of warning— be wary of the heart’s fragility    I count the ribs beneath my T-shirt. 12 pairs, still there. So why then does my chest ache late at night?

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It’s Sunday folks, which means it’s time for me to announce my NEW SUNDAY SERIES on She’s in Prison! The past 8 months have been dedicated to the Josh Dun Poetry Corner, a series inspired by the drummer from the band Twenty One Pilots. But with the new year I retired Josh’s Corner in a bittersweet culminating post, ready to leap into a new adventure.

So here it is…my new weekly tradition:

I will post a poem inspired by one (or two) song(s) on my current playlist. Every week will be a new band, so hopefully ya’ll can discover some great music and I can celebrate my favorites. Win!

Ready? Let’s go!


Inspired by:

“No Idea” and “Me Without You”

by All Time Low