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Introspection  When nighttime cries behind your eyes and shadows chase the moon across the hollow sky, I find a tree and walk a limb and listen to the fear inside, tomorrow’s death and yesterday’s hush, the dust of the past  the blush of desire,  close my hand around this heart on fire, the pulsating rush of creative expression, and let the rise of passion consume my soul in sanity’s demise, an obsession of unpredictable intention begging the question do I trust myself enough to fly?  —Leanne Rebecca

Do you trust yourself?

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Eating My Feelings

Eating My FeelingsAbout a year ago I went through a heavy rhyme phase, playing with integrating it within the lines. Most of it turned out awkward…but some of it turned out kinda fun. This is one of those examples that I hope fall in the latter category. Happy Friday. Now, go eat some chocolate and whatever you do, don’t regret it!