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Overlooked  I wore a pearl necklace to feel pretty. I wanted the attention, for the guy making my latte to look twice, for my coworker to shoot me a jealous glare, for a young girl to see me with envy gleaming in her eyes and think someday I want to be her.   I wanted to taste affection’s dessert, the outpouring of desire in salivating mouths, to be the chocolate mousse that causes moans, irresistible.   But all they saw was the necklace.  I like your necklace.  What a gorgeous necklace.  They saw the chocolate shavings decorating the mousse, snacked on the garnish like kids sneaking a finger full of icing from the cake.  They saw pearls on a mannequin and finished their window shopping with a cookie from the food court.

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Hello! I realize it’s been a few more days than normal since my last poem. I admit I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts when it comes to writing–not writer’s block necessarily, but more of a needed break to simply breathe. I also realize that as such I skipped yet another Twenty One Pilots inspired piece for my Saturday series. Ooops. To make up for it I’m posting it today. I think this poem is a little more like the stuff I wrote in the early days of She’s in Prison and less like the ones as of late. Regardless, thank you for stopping by for a little verse on this lovely day.

Check out Twenty One Pilots’ version of “Forest” too if you have a second. I’m feeling particularly stoked about TOP at the moment because I just purchased tickets (literally 5 minutes ago) to an upcoming show this summer. WOOHOOOOO!

Happy Easter. Happy Sunday. Happy Passover. Happy day.

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Take My Hand

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