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What Then

What Then  I tried to write a poem about stagnant energy, the end of the night, when social adrenaline fades, drained away like mascara down the sink, washed and erased as if  it didn’t matter that it took 30 minutes to perfect your eyes. I wanted to write about that overwhelming melancholy, the drive alone back home after a party and the sourness of regret pouting on the other side of the sunrise, but I couldn’t find the motivation to find rhyme in fragmented time, to piece together an explanation for why the air around is pulsing with questions and why I can’t perceive of how we came to be here now. What then do I write of stagnant energy, of depression extracted from secret desires and sunsets expired hours ago? None of it is fair.   None of it makes sense.   —Leanne Rebecca

Sometimes you need to write a middle of the night poem and acknowledge that it might be raw or not make sense and that the unedited version is better than if you’d reworked it over and over again until it was “perfect.”

Good night!
–Leanne Rebecca

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Break Away

Break Away  I don’t feel like crafting poetry, meticulously measuring every word to fit in some designed form, throwing away perfectly good ones because they aren’t rhythmic or specific or innovative enough. Poetry is too complicated, simultaneously too efficient, leaving out half the story, forgetting that the clutter between the words is part of the song too, the stumbles and mistakes, the version before the rewrite, the decisions regretted just as worthy. I have too much to say to limit the emotion to single images. I’m overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start, so I’ll write it all, all the dismay of this one day shared in unabridged confession:

My biggest challenge in my writing is clutter. I use too many words and too many fillers, or at least I used to. I’ve worked on refining my verse quite a bit, but it’s exhausting! Hell, sometimes I want to overuse adverbs and let my rant run free, no matter how inarticulate the finished product.

Lately I’ve been writing in stream of consciousness form. I don’t judge. I don’t edit. I don’t stop. I just write. This piece was the first. I didn’t change a word.

Happy Saturday!

–Leanne Rebecca