2 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. Perhaps it can be both. Our doubts in ourselves may be inspiration to prove ourselves to others as what we see ourselves, but at the same time a level of confidence can exist that comes about, not as an act to put on a show to prove what we are worth, but an entwined and entangled state in which we hope, that by our outward behavior, we join together in a joyful expression of what it means to be human: whether it’s playing music, having a conversation, climbing a tree, playing soccer in the park, challenging each other to a game, or simply acknowledging eachother with a hello or a smile.

    I hope its leaning towards the latter for myself, as well as for everyone else, but I do know that sometimes it’s hard to tell.

    1. Thanks for your insight Ben. I think it’s hard to define what it is, but I think you raise some really great ideas. I love starting conversations with my poems, so thanks for commenting!

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