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Implicit Demand for Proof

Implicit Demand for ProofThe title of this poem “Implicit Demand for Proof” is taken from a twenty one pilots song. This is the first in a series of poems written to the titles of their tracks. I will share a new one every Saturday.




Poetry and music.

4 thoughts on “Implicit Demand for Proof

  1. ‘let go of the discretion that gridlocks logic’ There is a serious amount to depth and understanding to that line which should not go unnoticed. Good poem.

  2. I recently discovered the band Twenty One Pilots, and think they’re awesome. Actualy bought the 2 albums they have on itunes this morning, but have yet to listen to them. I’ve listened to a few of their songs on youtube before today, which got me hooked. Awesome poem by the way, and kudos on combining your poems creatively with pictures!

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