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One Month

One Month


Poetry and music.

5 thoughts on “One Month

  1. I once ran two red lights in a row because my friend in the backseat was distracting me by playing guitar, because my radio doesn’t work (I listen to my iPod when I drive now, which hasn’t been for weeks as I’m having car problems I can’t afford to fix… money makes the world go round sadly… it at least makes cars go around… I’ve digressed…) It’s stupid here in Missouri (I noticed you live in the Saint Louis area… I live in Saint Charles, which is nearby), how most everywhere it’s legal to go right on red, and some places cities have made exceptions for the mere sake of catching people who don’t know about the exception areas. Some places that’s the only reason why at least. If you can go right on red though, and you got caught by a camera, I guess I can understand a ticket for not coming to complete stop. I am just glad that I only got billed for running one red light that night I ran two in a row. Really dodged a bullet that time. There, now I have overshared a foolish rambling of my own… I do that all the time, and usually don’t feel bad, so don’t feel so bad! lol

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