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“Between Your Lines” is hands down my favorite Chunk! No, Captain Chunk song, so obviously, I had to write a poem inspired by it. I wrote this one awhile ago, but the time never felt right to publish it. Today seemed to fit for some reason.

Anyway, thanks for checking out my strings of words and taking a moment out of your busy life for a poetry break. Have a great rest of your weekend!


Poetry and music.

2 thoughts on “Protection

  1. Hi Leanne! I haven’t commented in awhile, though I have been reading your poems frequently. I just thought it might be an encouragement to know that you’re efforts – make that your accomplishments – are being read, enjoyed, and appreciated.

    I must say, the more I read the more convinced I am that you are as gifted in poetry as Monet was gifted in painting. Your words are deep, yet also comprehensible. You remain one of my all-time favorite poets. Blessings in your continued endeavors. Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

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