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Guest Post: Laura Ortbals

I have a fear of becomming stagnant my body atrophies and my life fades away I need to keep moving but I am terrified of where that might take me.

This one is by one of the most amazing women I know: my sister. She posted this poem as a facebook status, but I couldn’t simply let it die as soon as our news feeds updated. She captured an emotion I’m sure we all share in some capacity and that kind of resonance deserves recognition.

Happy Saturday!

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Laura Ortbals

  1. This does resonate with a lot of people will be my guess. It´s always a bit frightening what the future holds us, specially for certain people. But the key words your sister wrote is ” I need to keep moving” That´s crucial in life, can´t just sit down and say”it´s all over” no matter what difficulties you face. I know it´s easier said than done, but if I have been able to do it, I´m sure a lot of people can do it too.

    1. I completely agree. Every moment of every day is uncertain, but that’s no reason to hide behind closed eyes. Seems to me it sounds like you’re doing a mighty fine job of moving forward, in spite of whatever it may be trying to drag you down.

      1. Always have to be moving forward, no matter what. That´s a motto I try to live by every single day. And there are some pretty crappy days, but you have to deal with it and move forward. Don´t pretend like it doesn´t exist or it will go away.

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