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The Way Those Jeans

The Way Those Jeans  They buttoned, a victory of at least getting into their confines, even though I had to jump and wiggle to manipulate the dimensions, even though I reinvented their intended silhouette, even though I challenged the fabric to stretch beyond its comfort zone, even though the mannequin wore them higher across the middle, and even though I refused to leave  the safety of the dressing room, I loved the way those jeans fit. Find the confidence in yourself to feel sexy. The struggle is real in all of us. Tell someone you love that they’re beautiful today.

Have a merry Sunday, friends!

–Leanne Rebecca



Poetry and music.

6 thoughts on “The Way Those Jeans

  1. This had me laughing. Oh, have we not all been there? A beautiful expression of an age-old problem. Now if only I could breathe without leaving the top button undone…

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