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Split  She twisted the earbuds as if turning a key, locking a barrier into place, the separation of outward space and privacy. Music silenced the sounds of elsewhere, shutting out external influence, forcing reflection, introspection on where —who— she wanted to be.  She listened to the beats of yesterday with an unfamiliar curiosity, lyrics forgotten,  apathetic to digest them again, past desires dissected into fragments of memories sputtering like a radio tuned one channel off. Static. She looked at the other people swarming  with headphones glued to their thoughts, blind drones mimicking one another, deaf  to sounds outside the brooding melodies, forgetting to free their ears for a few moments and listen to nothing.

I’m a different person today than I was a year ago. I was a different person a year ago than I was two years before that. I’m a stranger to the person I was in high school. Do you ever think about the evolution of your own identity? I certainly do and I wonder if anyone else notices the same changes that I do. I’d like to think they’re changes for the better.

I wish you a top-notch weekend full of yummy food and pumpkin ale. Hey, it’s autumn now.

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

7 thoughts on “Split

  1. I think about my evolution from time to time. I don’t think that it really started until 2011 when I began to write. The years before that, I seemed to be just going through the motions.

  2. My comment is only about your writing. You’ze uh Bad BAAAD !! Chick,—looking right thru us with that one veiled eye. I knew it from the first time I read your powerful poetic expressives .You’re right up there with the best of the best.

  3. I always find it interesting to take stock of who I am as compared to who I was. Digging up old music is a good method for that. And a great weekend to you too!

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