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Flutter  She’d grown addicted to disintegrating, disappearing in bits like a withering sand castle, eroding away until someone would come along and pack her back together, subsisting in transience, never at peace with integrity, a master at sabotaging her own strength, artful almost, fluttering into pieces  with the grace of fluidity, falling again and again in perfect rhythm.

It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. Every time I’ve tried to write a poem in the last several days I end up cranking out about 2 lines and then “finishing” the poem with several words of profanity before closing my notebook and filling up a glass of wine. There isn’t more to the story. Writing is rarely glamorous.

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

13 thoughts on “Flutter

  1. very nice! falling again and again.. so like addiction. nice double entendre! 🙂 and ps, I’ve grown addicted to Heath Klondike bars… lol

    1. Totally. The act of writing CAN be therapeutic and even fun, but glamorous, no. At least personally I’m usually inspired by struggle, so if I’m writing because I’m hurting, there’s no glamour written anywhere on my face.

  2. I have days when I bounce through about four different writings because I will have days where it is difficult to focus on the one.

    Usually my bouncing relates to a greater physical pain day but sometimes it is just because I haven’t figured out how I want to precede.

    What path or road I want the piece to take is mostly specific to poetry. When I bog on Coaching/Think pieces pertains to how I want to convey the message.

    I go piece to piece doing a bit in each and when I hit the hmmmmm for to long a period I go on to the next open piece.

    Essentially what I’m saying is no one said you had to only write one thing at a time and finish before the bed time milk and cookies.

    It’ll be there, walking away from it and letting it percolate can be beneficial.

    I was about 10 days doing this one off and on and percolating it made it to my mind better.

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