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Between the Drops

Between the Drops  I like what this hoodie stands for, caught in the blur of drizzle, hair frizzing in the mist of bipolar rain.  I’d rather stay here, singing in the gray, the tug of war of rainbows and pain, than blind my eyes with unfiltered sun.  —Leanne Rebecca

Sometimes I get mad at myself when I write cliche images, like anything inspired by the weather or an errant flower growing from the cracks of a sidewalk. But as “been there done that” as this poem might be, it doesn’t change that the sentiment behind it is 100% true in this moment.

Shout out to Matt and Kim– “Lookin’ like a king with a hoodie on.”

Good night!

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

7 thoughts on “Between the Drops

  1. You’re self referential and that is a positive sign for your creativity. You will always push yourself to do newer and more exciting things. Best wishes on your journey. x

  2. I love the poem actually- doesn’t seem cliché to me at all! (I also love Matt & Kim so I’m disappointed I don’t recognize that lyrics)

    1. Thanks! They have a new song on their newest album with the lyrics “looking like a king with a hoodie on.” I can’t remember what it’s called, but probably something involving hoodies 🙂

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