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Birthday Brunch

Birthday Brunch

Regardless of my social ineptitude and longing for human connection, it was a delicious (and vegan) brunch at one of my favorite places. I woke up a little sad yesterday and that sadness followed me all morning and into the afternoon. Sometimes eating a roasted apple crepe with peanut butter and drinking a sunburnt white Russian on a sunshiny day does not negate whatever emotion nags in your heart. The sadness waned though in the afternoon, thanks to a massage, some quiet time with a book at a coffee shop, and a dinner out with my parents and brother. A bipolar birthday for sure.


Poetry and music.

8 thoughts on “Birthday Brunch

  1. your words make me think it would be nice if these places had another option;

    so that when we ask for a ‘table for one’ the person could say ‘you can sit alone if you prefer, or we have a ‘onesies table’ you can join;

    so then those who come alone, for whatever reason, could sit at a larger table with others on their own, and just chat as they eat ;

    even a smile and a friendly word about the weather or our favourite food choices would change the onesies lives for the better; and people of all ages have then the opportunity to come together, easily 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday! A sad but beautiful poem. I’m always sad on my birthdays, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just that feeling that life is such a fleeting thing and you can never get a hold on it. Not that I’m afraid of dying, it’s more the realisation that everything and everyone you know could be gone next minute and all you’re left with is a hole in your being. Sorry if I’m making you sad, didn’t mean to. I hope you’re feeling well.

    1. Vilina – sorry I just saw this comment. I haven’t posted very much in the last few months. Thank you so much and it doesn’t make me sad at all. I understand what you mean. I also feel similarly around the holidays. Lately I don’t have the same giddy feeling like I used to, but rather become very introspective and desperately nostalgic. I hope you’re well too!

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