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Jawbreaker  I caught my mistakes in my throat, choked on the acidity of sour reality staining my tongue.   My lips tinged purple as if I’d eaten a grape Popsicle the blue of not breathing, suffocating as time and energy blocked my airway as if a Jawbreaker had lodged there and I couldn’t cough it up.  My neck cramped and I waited for the sugar to dissolve, the lump to melt as I tasted all the flavors of my choices.   I swallow now with freedom as intoxicating as  spring air, but the scar’s still there, a scratch caught in my throat, the mistakes etched in the memory of my breath.

I sat here in front of my computer for a solid ten minutes, staring at the screen, trying to think of something to write here. Maybe it’s more profound that I couldn’t think of a single thing.

Have a splendid Wednesday!

–Leanne Rebecca

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Addict with a Pen

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