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Accomplishment  That those days that suffocated  like sitting in a locked car with the windows up, 100 degrees pouring in through the scorch  of inescapable rays, heat escalating, air stagnant, poisonous— That those moments lost to numbness as she sobbed in that car, nowhere to drive no one to call no feelings left to drip down her cheeks, trapped in a tomb still living— That those fears of never  finding a reason to get out of the car, a reason to breathe anything but stale air, to drink anything  but salt riddled tears— have passed without consequence, memories relegated to notebooks and dusty poems, means more than any award she’d ever earned— the accomplishment of learning to live again.   —Leanne Rebecca

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The Run and Go

The Run and Go

As a poet and twenty one pilots fanatic, it made perfect sense to write my own verse to the titles of all their tracks and post them as a new Saturday series on She’s in Prison. Despite last week’s brief hiatus due to Heart Week, from this point forward, all Saturday posts will be part of the series. As always, thank you to twenty one pilots for being a never-ending source of inspiration. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my previous TOP titled poem “Implicit Demand for Proof” and  check out their version of The Run and Go below.