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Brainstorm  I could write about how the clouds changed green and gray building rage  tension charging in the air the tornado siren the single drop of rain that punched my shoulder how my pace quickened to get back home  could write about the graffiti on the sidewalk  spray paint mocking craftsmanship the littering of rebellion  could write about the guy in the parking lot that chucked a beer bottle out of his jeep window how he didn’t know I’d seen that I didn’t pick up the trash once he’d driven off  could write about the memory on replay: the first time I saw him  the burn of a heart pre-breaking how I knew he’d be a problem before knowing his name that he wouldn’t care either way   could write about how the sky waited to shed its tears until I got back inside back to the dark room and the leftover balloons from last night the sadness aching in their silence  could write about anxiety how I felt alien to my body today atrophied by a need to escape nowhere to go not sure who to go with or why breathing seemed daunting in that moment.   —Leanne Rebecca

I didn’t know what to write about so I wrote about it all.