7 thoughts on “Brainstorm

  1. I enjoy your poems and presentation. Love the way you use your pictures to reflect the words. Inspiration comes from mahy places.

  2. wow! you know, as I read through this, and thought about some of your other poems…. you could almost put an entire novel together based on several of them. You really have a beautifully creative way of writing. You remind me of a friend who is a super good author.
    Have I asked you before, have you thought about doing that? publish yourself on createspace in a novel story format??

    1. I’m not sure if you’ve asked or not. I actually used to exclusively write prose and then I fell in love with poetry and switched gears.

      I’m very flattered. I will definitely think about it. I’ve written so many stories and poems and they usually just sit. For now I’m so happy just to write for the sake of writing rather than to publish anything formally, but one day, absolutely.

      1. when you decide, blend in a few poems the ones that blend a life, they flow so well, and could be a beautifully deep novel! 🙂

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