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Overlooked  I wore a pearl necklace to feel pretty. I wanted the attention, for the guy making my latte to look twice, for my coworker to shoot me a jealous glare, for a young girl to see me with envy gleaming in her eyes and think someday I want to be her.   I wanted to taste affection’s dessert, the outpouring of desire in salivating mouths, to be the chocolate mousse that causes moans, irresistible.   But all they saw was the necklace.  I like your necklace.  What a gorgeous necklace.  They saw the chocolate shavings decorating the mousse, snacked on the garnish like kids sneaking a finger full of icing from the cake.  They saw pearls on a mannequin and finished their window shopping with a cookie from the food court.

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TransformationToday’s Josh Dun Poetry Corner is a year in review. In looking back at the self that discovered my now favorite band Twenty One Pilots, I feel surprised at the transformation of identity that I’ve undergone as a result of their music. I’m not the same girl anymore, and I’m proud of how far I’ve grown with the help of all those around me, including those talented TOP boys, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

Take a peak at the archives of the Josh Dun Poetry Corner and check back next Sunday for a new edition!

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AnathemaToday’s poem is part of my regular Saturday series of poetry inspired by the titles of songs by Twenty One Pilots. “Anathema” is probably one of their lesser known tracks, but still so worthy of commendation and admiration. Give a listen below and check out the archives of my other TOP inspired poetry in the ole archives. 

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I know it’s been a couple days since my last poem, but what better way to get back into the swing of things than with my twenty one pilots inspired Saturday Series–original poems sharing the same titles as TOP track titles! Check out the others in the series below and as always, check out twenty one pilots’ version of Migraine too.

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Implicit Demand for Proof

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