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Visibility  Someone must have seen me sitting there, spitting cherry seeds into a plastic baggie, shoes off, cross legged, and glistening  in the thickness of St. Louis humidity.  I laid down on the quilt protecting my clothes from grass stains and pulled a book from my purse. I estimated I could read about a chapter before the next band started their set.  I tuned out the cacophony of intoxicated friends, the thousands of couples  and families and besties camped out on the lawn of the amphitheater. I muted their chatter as if dialing down the volume in my car, driving my attention anywhere I wanted, sneaking peaks at the sky over the rim of my book, not caring how many people didn’t see me lying there, alone at a concert at peace with my own ego, so nonchalant in my solitude, that the issue of visibility floated away  with every lyric and every movement  and every heartbeat of freedom screamed from the silence of no one beside me.

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Glimpse  Sometimes I forget that the sounds are audible because I can’t hear myself. The music’s too loud in my earbuds.  I wonder if the headlights coming towards me  reflect the glass coating my eyes,   even though it’s dark. Would that man walking on the other side of the street notice If I collapsed?  My hands shake with the violence of my breath, unable to find pause in the measure of worth.  Can you hear me choking on silence, coughing with the helplessness of an asthmatic? Do you care?

This weekend was rough. As such, I’ve decided to take a little She’s in Prison vacation, just for a week. Isn’t there a saying of some kind about having too much of a good thing anyway…?

Have a great week and check back in 7 days for fresh schtuff. 🙂

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Holding On To You

Holding On To YouToday’s poem is part of my ongoing series of poems sharing the same titles as twenty one pilots songs. “Holding On To You” is one of my favorite TOP tracks and their video is sick! Watch it below. Also, check out my previous posts in this series:

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