4 thoughts on “Suicide and Student Loans

  1. i know how you feel. student loans suck. i did hang out with a guy who went to grad school once though. he was going for physical therapy so he was 99% sure he’d get a well paying job after he graduated so he didn’t have to worry about his debt

    1. Yeah unfortunately for me, I happen to be gifted with the ability to write, which doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense when it comes to paying for a masters. Physical therapy is a good one for grad school, kind of like becoming a doctor. My dilemma mostly stems from the timing of when I graduated from undergrad in conjunction with the job market. Thanks for reading and for the comment!

      1. sure it does, just go for your doctorate and you’ll be able to teach writing to many generations of debt incurring suckers. you’d probably be better off teaching it anyway

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