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Simple Counting

Simple Counting

Today is day 3 of Heart Week on She’s in Prison in honor of all those born with congenital heart defects. On August 25th, I am walking in the St. Louis Congenital Heart Walk in memory of my sister Rebecca Lyn and in support of friends, new and old, and their families. Please help me raise awareness and funds for CHD research by donating and/or finding a walk in your city!

Go HERE for more information.


Poetry and music.

11 thoughts on “Simple Counting

  1. “ignoring a picture frame to try and simplify the answer, an answer that is already simple” <– there you had me. your matter-of-fact style is really moving.
    and i'm sorry for your loss, too. i'm amazed how people find any words after tragedies like that, and even more amazed when they can channel them in poetry, like you do.

  2. I love Simple Counting (others as well), and I agree with you about poetry being more than flowery nature scenes. I write under a pen name so I can be free to fully dump the heart about the realities of life. Your poems were like a little therapy for me this morning.

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