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IgnoredI recently discovered the band Conquer Divide and fell in love with their single “Eyes Wide Shut.” Though they haven’t yet released an album, I’m anticipating it will live up to my expectations. I wrote this poem while listening to their song on repeat, totally losing myself in the music, (and forgetting for a minute that I was sitting in public in a mall). Give a listen below and come back next week for more musically inspired poetry.



Poetry and music.

5 thoughts on “Ignored

  1. I really like this poem particularly the last sentence. Has it ever bothered you at the end of the day to notice you’ve lost an earring and not once during the day has anybody said anything about wearing only one earring? Makes you wonder why we worry about what others think.

    1. Thank you. I can’t say I’ve specifically thought about that, but it’s an interesting point. Our personal intentions and contemplations are often lost to the outside world. It’s impossible to know whether someone didn’t care enough to tell you, felt bad about telling you, or simply didn’t notice.

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