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How’s everyone doing? Sometimes it’s odd to think that I’m sharing poem after poem with all of you beautiful people without really knowing you. The truth is, I want to know who you are and how your day is going. I want to know what brought you here and what you’re thinking about this Friday in early May. I want to meet you, to get coffee with you, and steal inspiration from your stories. Life’s better when we take the time to acknowledge one another. This is me acknowledging you, whether you’ve visited She’s in Prison before or whether this is your first time. Please don’t be afraid to say hello! I’m on Twitter too if that’s more your style!


Poetry and music.

6 thoughts on “Flushed

  1. I am brand new to Word Press, but I’ve found this amazing, thriving community of poets and genuine people that I am just stunned to have discovered. Thank you for reaching out with your words like you have, and sharing your creativity, thoughts and feelings with everyone.

  2. your poetry is always so full of so many images – very vivid and beautiful to read:) always a pleasure stopping by your site;) kimberly

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