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Mischievous You

Mischievous You  I wanted to shut it all out, the thoughts of boys, the obsessing over the way I look for the boys, the glances into my future life with a boy, the frustrations of never finding the right boy, that the right boys don’t find me.   Shut it out, so I could stop obsessing over what I was eating, to see the now, to love the now, to know I’m worth it.   I set out to stop thinking, shut off feelings for a minute, just a couple of minutes for me, playing hide and go seek with freedom to breathe without racing heartbeats and blush in my cheeks, to guarantee tears wouldn’t find me for those two minutes of pause.   I thought I could do it, distract desire,  to trick the thoughts to get lost by turning up the volume so loud in my car that I couldn’t hear them anymore.  But you snuck through, mischievous you.

Time has felt irrelevant for the past few days. Cheers to 2015 and the end to another weekend. Good night, my friends.

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

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