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Hide and Go Seek

Hide and Go Seek  I found her at the bottom of a glass of wine, the second glass actually.  She giggled as she unfurled, throwing her hair back like a wet dog shaking out its coat, a declaration of space, blithe dominance with selfish intention, anything for her own comfort.   I thought I’d lost her, collapsed under a desiccated heart, trapped in the rubble of self-doubt, forever hiding in the aftermath of tragic non-love stories.  I counted to 100, then 1000, opened my eyes and found her right in front of me, stretching in my beverage, peeking out and smirking, the coyness of flirtation, a dare to grab her hand and hold on for the night.

We made it past hump day. Smile 🙂

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

2 thoughts on “Hide and Go Seek

  1. Great poem! One of my favorite words again, unfurl! Your poem reminded me of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs:

    by Katatonia

    At city centre 9 pm
    Just like you wrote
    And I try to think about
    Snow coming in
    Just like before
    I will be on stand-by

    Releasing the vapour
    Into the lung
    Letting the wings unfurl
    And for a moment I feel young
    I call on the bird

    It’s time to chose a side now
    That’s what you said
    When we talked on the phone
    So white our eyes
    You are still
    Are you paralyzed?

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