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The True Orchid

The True Orchid  I walked right past it the first time— hidden behind the ones  begging for eyes like supermodels, asking for attention in the spotlight.   The plaque at the entrance of the exhibit talked about the rarities of these flowers, but as I moseyed through by myself I felt underwhelmed.  It was only on my second time around the room, that I caught the hint of pink peeking out from behind a white array, an interruption of the purity surrounding.  I stopped walking, wishing I could step off the path and get a closer look at the most intriguing orchid in the room, the one hiding its splendor, the one that so many people missed.

I don’t often write about flowers. Though I love nature, I never feel particularly inspired by it. However, there was something about this experience today that grabbed me. It was as if the hiding orchid had an emotion, or at least scratched at the emotions I was feeling in that moment. I’m still not even sure what that flower looked like, recessed off the pathway, but by far it was my favorite one today.

If you’re wondering, the exhibit is at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. It’s a beautiful and historically significant place that I highly recommend you visit.

Good night lovelies!

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

9 thoughts on “The True Orchid

  1. I am always amazed at the flowers which are barely visible or seem to be hiding in purpose. I want to know why – in my mind, plants are like people. They have minds, feelings…my mom always believed her plants to be human. She would talk to them like they were:). Maybe this is where I inherited these thoughts from….. Anywhoo -they do seem to know something…..or thinking about something…….;) great piece!!!

  2. There’s a poem by Robert Francis in which he says, “I am in love with what is mixed and impure Doubtful, dark and hard to disencumber I want beauty I must dig for, search for.” Your experience reminds me of that. It isn’t even the beauty that is precious, it is it’s hidden nature and the possibility that we may be the only person to find it. Glad you found your orchid!

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