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Time and Space

Time and Space  He grabbed my hand as we walked through the restaurant to our table.  He’d never touched me like that, so declarative so suggestive of intention, as if expressing ownership.  I liked knowing he’d made room  in his ego for my occupancy, reading into the gesture all the way to my seat, writing futures in fantasy,  imagining what would happen if he never let go.    But the images crumbled  jarred into nothing  as I blinked away the 3 am dream, woken by the buzzing of my space heater and an empty hand, eyes refusing to adjust to the night in the absence of stars, the alignment that skipped over my heart.


Poetry and music.

9 thoughts on “Time and Space

  1. Dreams can lay bare deep-seated anxieties, be simply silly and meaningless, or even show us a way forward. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if there’s any real meaning in dreams other than the firing of random synapses that are often stitched together resulting in situations that cause us fear, sadness, melancholy, joy, pleasure, peace, or pain. I enjoy very much how you’ve captured this dream.

  2. I can understand these words. I have had similar dreams – and the outcomes always seem the same. I like to think maybe someday it will be different – I will not hold my breath, but I like to think someday…..maybe….xxxx

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