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When It Happens

When It Happens  My first reaction was to feel flattered, hearing only the whispered words you look hot in those tight jeans.  I said thanks and went back to my desk, toggling my mouse to wake up the screen as the revulsion set in, not sure what I’d say the next time we ran into each other in the hallway.  I wanted to pull my head and arms into my sweatshirt and hang out for a few minutes, rendered untouchable, invisible from eyes twice my age with ignorant wives.   Instead I continued working on the report I’d started before lunch.

My Saturday morning poems are usually my favorite, not because I think they are at all superior to my other ones, but because I love starting my weekend with “me” time. This week was a mess of ups and downs. I tested friendships, rekindled others, and rode the doubt-confidence spectrum. So taking a few minutes this morning to think through everything I’d survived in the past few days was blissful.

I have a Spotify playlist blasting and everything I need to make today a good memory tomorrow.

Have an epic weekend!

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

10 thoughts on “When It Happens

  1. Strong topic. Sometimes that’s all you can do in response.
    I’ve just had a great Saturday. Despite the odds against me, despite going to sleep Friday night with a tortured heart and mind. Because despite it all I committed myself to making the most out of today. I put the intention there the night before, and that energy followed me through today. Miraculous, maybe. But so effective I’m doing it again tonight for Sunday.

    That’s what I take away from your second-last sentence “everything…to make today a good memory tomorrow”. What a great intention to drive you. Stay epic!

  2. Wow this was a great poem. This took me a back I did not expect the twist toward the end. This to me leaves a message about sexism and the importance of becoming aware that this still exist. It’s hard to think that we still have difficulty respecting woman, cultures, religious views, and others socially misunderstood. This is an important poem and message to get out there. Take care xxoo


    1. Thanks so much! And it is unfortunate that anyone should be made to feel objectified or disrespected. All we can do is try to live our lives with as much integrity and grace as possible and hopefully our example will spread. Thanks for sharing my poem!

  3. good one. it is so hard to know if comments like these are truly sincere or not. I believe – or at least try to – that these may actually come from a place where someone is trying to be nice, trying to brighten anothers day…but then, my mind wanders and thinks but what if…. for me it is like a constant tug-of-war of whether i should believe in some ‘good’ or be pessimistic…am i being naive or am i looking at the truth. Geez, it can give a person a headache! 🙂

  4. Thought at times I don’t like the subjects that you express, I love the way you express them. So real and personal. You allow us to feel these experiences with you. So honest and vulnerable, you express your strength so beautifully.

    There are swine in the world and there always will be. It is sad that, in their wake, they leave people who have to deal with their own feelings due the actions of these swine.

    Within all of the expressions that you post here, you share with us your true beauty, while some swine merely steals a glimpse of your body in “hot jeans”. We here get to see the true beauty within you. The beauty that matters. The beauty that makes you who you truly are, not as just some flesh in “hot jeans.”

    We get to enjoy the soul within your beautiful eyes, which you are willing to share with us so many times. You allow us to look deeply within your beautiful eyes and see a universe so filled with wonder and splendor that there is nothing that can compare to this beauty, because this beauty is you. No one can compare to you and your greatness and beauty. Some of us stand in awe, as we are allowed to briefly enter into your great and wondrous universe. Standing, frozen in time, our eyes gazing into the grand vastness that makes you who you are.

    1. Wow you took my breath away with this. Thanks for your honesty and thank you for not only letting me share my experiences with you but for taking the time to reach out to me too. I’m honored! Thank you for reading time and time again. –Leanne

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