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This Heart

This Heart  She wrote her heart into a notebook, writing the beat in her secrets, infusing the lines with jagged tears, the breaks and palpitations of falling with no one to catch you.   She hoped her heart would find a home in the pages, hugged by memories cast into words and stored on a shelf.  But her heart refused to live only in ink, rebelling in her chest, punching at her lungs and demanding a voice more profound than poetry, screaming in severe chest pains for love.

This poem is inspired by “Before You Start Your Day” by Twenty One Pilots. It’s one of their most melancholy songs and brings me to tears just about every time I hear it. I listened to it on repeat as I wrote this poem. It requires deep introspection, allowing yourself to really feel what’s going on inside. This poem was hard to write but sometimes those are the most important ones to get out.

Sleep well, my friends.

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

7 thoughts on “This Heart

  1. ‘But her heart refused to live only in ink, rebelling in her chest’- This touched me beyond words. What’s better way to ease the pain but through ink!
    On a side-note: I think we share same musical taste- alt-rock with pop punk influences ( ur 21 pilots reference!)

      1. Welcome! I’m obsessed with OLD Avril Lavigne (stress on the word-old), Paramore, Tonight Alive, We are the in crowd.. Avril’s first 2 albums had empowered me a lot, so much that I had written a poem on impact of music on my poetry, coz of her song I’m With You.

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