10 thoughts on “Cover of Dusk

  1. Life is full of someone else’s dreams as blind we are of our own. This makes me feel sad, for I found myself the other day looking at couples riding in their motorcycle together while all I have is a solo sit on mine.

    1. It’s sad to me that our tendency is always to want what we don’t have. We also imagine other people’s lives as being better than ours when in reality, we have no idea.

  2. I find myself imagining myself in someone else’s shoes a lot. Especially, when I go out to dinner, because I am typically solo at that time, and I look at the groups and couples around me and just take a moment to daydream and reminisce.

  3. That is such a great write. My wife and I used to wander the quiet Florida streets at night, alone and out in the middle of the swamp. It was a winding road on a three mile long Island and as we walked under the big black sky we would look into the warmly lighted houses and imagine the lives within. You have perfectly embodied the feeling of looking into someone else’s life and being moved by it. Thanks!

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