15 thoughts on “Bravery

  1. Very strong expression of the tendency many have to keep their deepest feelings and thoughts well hidden, despite knowing that sharing them might be actually be beneficial. Well done, Leanne Rebecca!

  2. I’m glad you refused to listen. This is … incredible. I’ve had those wants – to be known and yet not … Excellently said. Thank you SO much for taking that step!

  3. ” I started to think maybe it wasn’t meant to be shared, but I refused to listen.”

    Your poem is beautiful, but it’s the above line that stood out to me the most. That type of determination will take you places.

  4. It seems others have already said it all. To be honest, I came to read this poem casually. When I finished, there were tears in my eyes. “Powerful” doesn’t even come close to describing this sensational work of expression. True, real and from the heart. You never fail to, for lack of a better phrase, blow my mind with your expressions. How you can rip into my chest and touch my heart, with such a gentle touch. Your touch, through your expressions, is what is powerful.

    1. Wow thank you! Sorry for the delay as I just saw this. I am so honored and blown away by your response to my poem. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I cherish your kind words. This made my day!

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