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A Walk in the Rain

A Walk in the Rain  The gray consumed the cheer of daylight like a spreading fire engulfing its surroundings, a presence as looming as the fear  of asking a crush on a date.   I walked outside anyway, daring the sky to rain its demons down and envelop my body with discomfort, wet and cold and scared of the thunder.  Exhilarated I kept pace, seething with confidence, willing to take the chance  the storm could explode before I got home.

I’m more scared of being trapped inside all day than getting a little wet in the rain. Take the chance, always.

–Leanne Rebecca

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TransformationToday’s Josh Dun Poetry Corner is a year in review. In looking back at the self that discovered my now favorite band Twenty One Pilots, I feel surprised at the transformation of identity that I’ve undergone as a result of their music. I’m not the same girl anymore, and I’m proud of how far I’ve grown with the help of all those around me, including those talented TOP boys, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

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Ode to Sleep

Ode to SleepWhat can I say…I’m a 23 year old that’s still afraid of the dark.

Today’s poem is inspired by the Twenty One Pilots song bearing the same title. Check out their version of “Ode to Sleep” below and take a peak at the archives of all my TOP titled poetry HERE and every Saturday in the recurring series!