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TomorrowSometimes when I need a little help in the inspiration department I ask my friends to recommend a song, and then I write whatever comes to mind as I listen to the vibe and the lyrics. “White Daisy Passing” by Rocky Votolato taunted my somber side but ultimately stimulated that crazy thing I like to call “hope.” It’s an emotion that’s easy to lose yet easy to find again with a little bravery. Anyway, give the song a listen and check back again next Sunday for my regular series–poetry inspired by music on my playlist!!

What is your favorite song right now? Send me an email at or leave a comment below and I might choose your selection to inspire my next poem!


Poetry and music.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. I always listen to music when I write but never actually did a “song write” , as I was just having this very conversation with another blogger yesterday. I think I shall try this today. Thanks for the inspiration.
    By the way, love your style of writing.
    Thanks for liking my post which brought me here to follow your blog. Excited to continue reading your work

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad you stopped by! I started letting specific songs influence my writing about 6 months ago and it’s one of he best sources of inspiration I’ve found to date!! Have fun with it!

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