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Expectations  I wrote them in the silence of intolerance, unfair assumptions  of a girl too concerned and  consumed by the future that she couldn’t live up to her own expectations dictated in passive aggression to the people that care now.

Be kind to yourself.

It’s been a week since I posted a poem on here and I’ve been worried about it. I’m in a state of transition right now, trying to figure out what my future has in store. I’ve been asking a lot of questions lately, mostly boiling down to “what do I want in this life.” And though I can’t answer it in this moment, and though I’ve struggled with writing as a result, I know I need to take my own advice and be kind to myself. If all I have is today, I’m damn well going to grant myself a break and a hug and a smile (and peanut butter).

Be kind to yourself.

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

4 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. I’ve always loathed the word “expectations” ….because it pointed a scolding finger at me, reminding me of my feelings of unworthiness. Now, I take each feeling in the moment, and give myself a break…just as you are doing. This is the journey.

    1. It’s a challenge to let go of expectations, both of other people and yourself. I think it’s a natural part of desire. But I’ve found that expectations only limit happiness. I’m working on it for myself. I hope your journey is a freeing, healing process too.

  2. Everything in life is done with “Expectations” from putting on shoes to buying a coke,it is the forerunner to all acomplishment. It’s only demand is our policing of the hierachy that we give to it.

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