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Party Trick

Party Trick  It was the way he played the guitar,  his eyes closing, savoring the notes like peanut butter cups, pleasure singing in his fingertips licked to perfection in the bliss of the moment.  I noticed how she’d stare, as intoxicated with his passion as he was with that instrument, a recognizable love that softened both their faces, she watching his pleasure in equal measure.  She appreciated his elemental connection, accepted his attention diverted to his potential, chasing what could be, the greater than, the something more that guided his dedication.  He loved that guitar, an infatuation that trumped her presence, his undeniable glory that blinded her from accepting that maybe she deserved someone who’d let her sing along. I’ve been thinking about love lately–if you couldn’t tell from most of the poems decorating the past several months on here–and in thinking about love I’ve been thinking about the “one.” Who is that person that we fall for and why? Why do we rarely end up with the person we grew up describing as our ideal partner? Why does unrequited love exist? You’d think if you feel that strong of a pull towards someone that they’d feel it back. It’s chemistry, right? Pure biology. But for whatever reason, it doesn’t always work that way, but maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason.

This poem goes out to my friend Cameron.

Have a great weekend!

–Leanne Rebecca



Poetry and music.

8 thoughts on “Party Trick

  1. Potential. That’s the key word. Too often we “fall” for potential instead of reality. When they don’t meet up, we’re disappointed. We need to look at the real person and find pleasure in who they are.

  2. Someday he might give up the guitar … and maybe someday you might appreciate being with someone who has interests other than you. (Speaking as one who knows… ) 😉

  3. Nice poem, you just should hook up with some famous singer, like Justin Biver comes to mind. I´m sure the little guy knows how to play the guitar.

    That observation you made at the end about love, finding the ideal partner we all dreamed as young….you said it, ideal and in my 31 years in this planet I still haven´t found anything ideal or perfect. Plus I realised that the less I stop searching once in a while somebody enters your life when you least expect it and when you are less prepared for it. So you have to course correct something in your life(not talking about “your”life, I´m talking in general). Plus in my case I found that polar opposite in some cases do attract. I´m a nut case and she´s a level headed girl, so go figure. Hope Cameron gets the message.

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