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Steeped Too Long

Steeped Too Long	  I let him bathe in my brain until his tea leaves turned bitter, an after taste like ash wrinkling my face into a raisin. The boy that had infused my blood with caffeine, awakening desire in flavors erected through heat now revolted my palate, a reversal of obsession ended in one final sip. I don’t want this anymore.

Have a great weekend, friends. Listen to your hearts and when all else fails, write about it.

–Leanne Rebecca



Poetry and music.

12 thoughts on “Steeped Too Long

  1. Really nice work. I seldom find poetry in the blogosphere worth commenting on. Keep it up. I hope you’re submitting some of these to literary magazines, your words are delicious and worth chewing on.

    1. Thank you! Honestly I find the literary magazine world to have too many barriers to entry. That’s why I like blogging…nobody has to tell me whether or not my stuff met their subjective standards for it to go forth into the world. But one day maybe I will try submitting again. Thank you so much for reading and for your comment!!

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