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Pursuit  I would have killed myself long ago if I hadn’t found this purpose to feel, admitting the air coming in, even though it burned like salt on a cracked lip.  The sting on my flesh faded, but the memory of sensation remained. I never want to forget what it feels like to feel because numbness freezes the lungs useless.  The pursuit of you inundated my airway with water, rendering breathing that much harder, but at least my chest was moving, at least I felt like part of the living.

It’s strange what can inspire a poem. For me it could be a song or an emotion or a chair sitting in the corner of a room. Today it was the word pursuit. I saw it in a poem I was reading and something sparked inside me. I knew that word had a poem of its own that I needed to get out. So I typed it at the top of my Word doc and without knowing what would flow, I began to type.

I don’t say it enough, but I really do love you guys. Thanks always for reading my unfiltered verse.

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

11 thoughts on “Pursuit

  1. There is nothing better than unfiltered verse. It is raw, real and expresses the truth of the heart before the mind can get its hands on it and try to make it into something else, something that we thought we wanted to say, rather than what we truly wanted to say.

    A wonderfully powerful poem written by a wonderful person who is able to express her heart like the rushing water flowing down a mountain stream. Though initiated by pain, your poems always reach for the sun with the sweet resonance of love.

      1. It’s my pleasure. I enjoy your poetry very much because it is so raw and real. It is because of this that I can term your poetry as beautiful. Because the poetry originates from with the beautiful you.

  2. That’s a great poem and especially thanks for sharing the story around it. It’s great that inspiration hits from the obscurest moments sometimes. When it does, usually something very special comes out, like your words here.

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