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Eyelash  I make the same wish on every errant eyelash. I peel the escapee from my cheek and capture it on the tip of my finger, think my dream in the capsule of a blink, pucker my lips and let a single wisp of air carry it into infinity.  I inhale reality when I look back in the mirror— one less eyelash to cover with mascara.

I’ve started writing in a diary. I’ve found I like the senseless entries, writing whatever comes to my mind, confessing secrets, knowing no one is ever going to read these words (hopefully). One of my favorite teachers back in college used to tell us to write for 15 minutes a day, no matter what it was. The whole point was to develop the discipline to write. I used to write lists of what I did that day or complain about my homework. But then I finished that class and the journal entries stopped.

About two months ago I started them again, maybe not every single day, but whenever I feel like it. This poem is inspired by what I wrote in my journal today during my lunch break, scribbles about it being February and how it’s the month of love. It provoked a particular memory, something profound that happened to me in a February past, and before I knew it, I’d written this poem.

What do you think of when you think of February?

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

26 thoughts on “Eyelash

  1. When I think of February I think, “January is over One month further away yet one month closer to the nightmare of the Christmas season.” As you can see, I don’t put too much thought to February and the overrated Valentine’s Day. Just like Christmas, if one is in a relationship, then every day should be Valentine’s Day. I liked your poem and your thoughts about writing a journal. If you want to write then write, write, write…

      1. Yes, please keep writing. I enjoy poets who can take simple experiences and bring them to life with a whole knew perspective. These perspectives often give me much more than deep, abstract poems. Thank you for writing and being who you are.

  2. I think wishes are fanciful, much like mascara. lol liked the poem tho. and February, I think about the birth of my first son, he was a month and a half late, I broke records around the world that year and was never so glad to give birth! lol

      1. lol, they say some women in Alaska go 10 months, due to the long seasons or something, but I broke even their records!!! he was just having too much fun swimming around inside me, to want to come out!! lol he walked and talked in almost complete sentences by the time he was 9 months old, or so…. he was overcooked!!! lmao I love him to pieces… but I never let him forget it!!!!!!!

  3. I have severe pollen allergies, so I see February as a reprieve from clogged sinuses. I think of the sharpness of the cold air whistling in my nose, and how clean and clear the air seems.

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