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Destiny  She knew she was a poet when she let the tears break and blur the facade on her face, running black from the tip of her nose to the page below her palm.   She collected all the faith she’d once put into him in an envelope and sealed it away, letting the waterfall smudge all the words she’d ever written.  She knew she was a poet in that moment, the need to write her heart as crippling as the moment she met him, just a memory, a fleeting love, old journal entries filed away.   He was gone, but she wrote anyway, falling over and over for her passion.  She didn’t need to learn to love again, because her soul was already home.

It’s ok to cry, always. I wrote this one in the last five minutes through a waterfall on my face. I’m so thankful to have all your support on here. Means everything.

This one is for my friend Katie.


Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

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