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Journal Entry

Journal Entry  I converse with living lines that promised they’d keep my secrets, trust binding in blood, loyalty flowing into open arms that will never let me go.  I wrote them so that I’d never have to tell anyone the transgressions and truths housed in secret pages, afraid to crack open this vessel encrypted in a handcrafted image.  I’m ready to confess the emotional violence burrowed inside, ready to invest in a tangible presence, stop hiding, stop fighting, let insecurity fly:  I thought about throwing up after I ate those cupcakes, flush the mistake down the toilet, convinced none of my clothes would fit if I didn’t.   I thought about calling him even though he’s ignored my existence for weeks, lost in persistence, disregarding his decision.   I cried a couple times this week, worried I’m too selfish, too fragile too dramatic, unstable, emotionally incapable of falling in love with someone that loves me too.   I share these truths, terrified.


Poetry and music.

12 thoughts on “Journal Entry

  1. Plan an escape
    Give yourself a date
    And a time
    Break those prison walls
    Get out of there
    Walk don’t run
    Keep your chin up
    And stay positive
    And never fall
    You deserve it
    After all
    Never look back
    Never call

  2. Your confessions crack right through The insecurity And leave the real you exposed To receiving love and acceptance Forgiveness and encouragement. As others give you these gifts, give them also to yourself. Bridge over those chasms of fear with confidence.

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