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Nothing Weird About It

Nothing Weird About It   They made fun of me— that I liked punk music, drawn towards androgynous men with eyeliner and tattoos, that I never outgrew the teenage emo stage.  They called me names— derogatory jabs to bring me down, politically, socially, morally incorrect pet names, mongoloid, useless and naive.   They teamed up to abuse me— attacking my secret vulnerability, extreme ticklishness, backing me into the corner of the room, physically pinning me down, outnumbered.  They ignored my texts called me out  flipped me off berated my diet told me I was weird.   A gravitational field pulled me towards them— the sarcastic ones, friends gifting vulgarity as if “fuck you” had replaced the words “I love you.” I’d never trade any of it.   —Leanne Rebecca

There’s no magic formula to finding best friends. They manifest from unlikely places and often the people you may have felt hesitant to let into your world end up being the ones that mean the most. Once you find them though, you never let them go.

Tonight I’m feeling thankful.

–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

5 thoughts on “Nothing Weird About It

  1. wow.. glad to hear you made it out alive… and got a few good friends out of all that!!! that’s amazing!!!
    we rarely had bullying in my day, but we didn’t have such division between jocks, cheerleaders, geeks, punks, etc that you have now days. but I do remember a girl, a very large girl who tried to bully me once into leaving her friends boyfriend alone, even though we were just friends… she cornered me, and unbeknownst to her, my 6 brothers taught me how to fight at age 5 I think… lol… so I punched her in the face and she never bothered me again!!! lol we didn’t become friends though, she was a bitch to boot.

    1. I usually don’t comment on someone’s interpretation on reading my poems because I believe that every person should take away what they do without influence. However, in this case I do want to clarify that this poem was not inspired by being bullied. It’s actually inspired by my closest friendships. We are a sarcastic bunch that to the outward eye would appear that we hate each other, bordering on offensive and abusive. In reality though, we love each other. I still do appreciate your reading as it is also an important cause.

      1. no I got it, was just amazed you knew how to take all that sarcasm… and became friends anyway!! it just reminded me of the bullying issue! to some it’s not taken the right way, and cuts to the bone. I have several friends and include myself in that, we are all terribly sarcastic…. and rip each other up! but that’s just how we communicate! 😉

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