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The original first line of this poem was “Started from not knowing what to write about.” I haven’t been writing much lately, which creates a void in my creative heart. I crave expression, whatever method it may come in: writing, singing, interpretive dancing under the influence of many glasses of wine, etc. This week’s been expressionless and I hate that repression of my inner child that needs to be heard, needs to shout out how I’m feeling and run around in circles without care of judgment or behavioral norms.

I put myself in a box this week. Don’t be reckless, Leanne. Don’t go out on the weekdays. Don’t drink so much wine. Stop sending your friends so many pointless texts. Do more yoga and eat salad. Don’t spend unwarranted money.

It’s like in trying to be the “better,” more responsible “adult” I lost a piece of myself along the way. One of my friends commented a few days ago that it seemed like I had lost my playfulness, my sarcastic positivity and joy for what I love. I told her I didn’t know what was wrong with me. There wasn’t anything specific to complain about. Nothing was wrong, and yet everything.

This weekend I’m crawling back out of that pointless box, starting with this much needed poem and this journal entry that has taken over this blog post.


–Leanne Rebecca


Poetry and music.

4 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. See I believe what you eat ,whom you interact influences your thought process so better eat good ,don’t drink , interact with positive and nice people ,though its an advise given without being asked still I felt that you are not happy with your lifestyle ,I being a counselor and believe to help beyond borders doing it , I apologize if its an interference

  2. You need to live Leanne, you need to live or how else will you feed such wonderful heart? Let the inside come outside to play. 🙂

  3. Your line, “It’s like in trying to be the “better,” more responsible “adult” I lost a piece of myself along the way” resonated with me. I’m glad you recognize the need for creative expression you are yearning. May your playful inner child always be given priority 🙂

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